Chasing a lie from Switzerland to Sri Lanka



2 MAR 2019

Having booked her dream vacation to Sri Lanka complete with an Ayurvedic retreat, Olivia Ramya Tanner (above), who grew up in a Zurich suburb, thought it might be fun to use the opportunity to find her birth mother.

This was back in April 2016. The Swiss woman who works for an IT company hired a private investigator to do some advance work. Tanner’s sister, Géraldine, who’s five years younger and also adopted, joined the search for her own mother.

Two days before they departed, the PI called. He had found Géraldine’s mother. A reunion was arranged. He couldn’t find any information on Tanner’s birth mother, though, so Tanner decided to stop by Ratnapura General Hospital, where she was born, to see what she could find out.

That’s when she learned her birth certificate was a fake. Read more here.