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‘Suicide Tourists’ Go to the Swiss for Help in Dying

    By ALISON LANGLEY Published: February 04, 2003 On a Monday morning in mid-January, Reginald Crew, a retired auto worker, flew in from Liverpool to kill himself. The 74-year-old Englishman, who suffered from motor neurone disease, met a doctor at 10 a.m. In accordance with Switzerland’s liberal euthanasia law, the doctor agreed that Mr. […]

It’s a Fat World, After All

    By ALISON LANGLEY Published: July 20, 2003 THE world economy may be slumping, but there is conspicuous growth in at least one area: waistlines. Been to Germany lately? Every third child under age 12 and every fifth teenager there is overweight. How about Greece, land of the much-ballyhooed Mediterranean diet? More than 70 […]

Change, the New Face of Private Swiss Banking

    By ALISON LANGLEY ZURICH, Dec. 5— Raymond J. Baer spent his traditional October vacation in Asia tracking the route of Buddhism and meditating on the future of Swiss private banking and the institution that bears his family name. What he came back with was a renewed determination that Bank Julius Baer, the company […]