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So Long, Farewell

In the spring, when Syrian refugees began walking across the Hungarian border into Austria, they came in a steady stream of about 150 a day. The Austrian government responded by erecting Red Cross tents in the middle of fields at a time when the country was experiencing the coldest and rainiest season on record. The […]

Topless women endure in the UK press

    Women have been organizing against the tabloid mainstay, but some editors maintain that it’s a good way to sell papers October 14, 2013 By Alison Langley   UK author and actress Lucy Ann Holmes bought a copy of The Sun one day last August to read its sports page— the previous day, six British women […]

In Vienna’s Musikverein, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra earns high praise

November 5, 2012 By Alison Langley VIENNA, Austria — For every human, there is a point in life when an unexpected event changes everything. It can be happy or sad, but it means life will never be the same. That is the moment Austrian composer Herbert Willi aimed to capture in “Sacrosanto,” a violin concerto […]

Alps in danger of tumbling down

Permafrost is melting as the planet heats up, leaving the mountain range vulnerable to more landslides By Alison Langley in Müren, Switzerland, and Geoffrey Lean Sunday, 18 March 2001 Daniel Vonder Muehll regularly rides up the Schilthorn cable car to visit two pipes sticking out of the snow overlooking one of the most breathtaking views […]

Sons close cultish Hepburn museum

Alison Langley in Tolochenaz The Guardian, Thursday 31 October 2002 12.53 GMT Article history Hurt by what they see as the crass commercialisation of their mother’s name, the sons of Audrey Hepburn are removing all memorabilia from the museum dedicated to her in the Swiss village where she lived for 30 years, forcing it to […]